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Showpony Creative Inspiration with Caterina Di Biase

On Monday 3rd March 2014, renowned Australian hairstylist and educator, Caterina Di Biase ran a one-day Showpony Creative Inspiration workshop on mastering the brand’s permanent and clip in hair extensions.

The seven-hour session focused on working with Showpony’s Permanent Hair Extensions and covered highlighting and colour work, fringes, filling in gaps, up selling and removal. The workshop also focused on the brand’s Clip In Extensions and covered creative up styling, ponytails and up selling.

Students were taught the key fundamentals from one of the industry’s best to help make them experts in such a vital in-salon category, which is essential in translating into profitability for their salon.


Caterina Di Biase on stage for the Showpony Creative Inspiration workshop

“I have worked with Showpony for the last five years and I use Showpony hair extensions for all of my work. Hair extensions are a vital tool that I use to create all my celebrity hair styles and every day wow factor looks,” said Caterina.

“I offer Showpony to all my clients in the salon as it’s not just about length – it’s about filling in gaps, highlighting, volume, accentuating a bob, adding colour to an up style or fixing a bad haircut! Hair Extensions are what treatments were 20 years ago and I recommend them to all my clients.”

The event was such a success that Showpony and Caterina announced they will be touring the workshop throughout all states in Australia. To purchase your tickets now, calling 1800 233 386. It’ll be a show not to be missed!


“I am so excited to tour Australia with Showpony on their Creative Inspiration education day as I am passionate about educating and I love to inspire salons on ways to grow their business,” explained Caterina.

“I personally believe that Showpony is a great vehicle to grow businesses because of the quality of their products and their strong education program. Every student walked away from the workshop with the key fundamentals of applying extensions to create entire new looks, that will ultimately translate to increased profitability for their salons”

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