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Spa and Beauty Expo Business Leaders Summit

Sponsored by True Solutions International and Depilève, the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo put on an inspiring Business Leaders Summit entitled “how will the world remember you?” Geared at business-minded salon owners, renowned speakers Chis Helder, Dr Adam Fraser, Matt Church and an all-star industry panel discussed themes pertaining to work life balance, communication, leadership and a changing business landscape.

Chris Helder - Headshot

Chris Helder

Chris Helder started the program, delivering an energetic and enthusiastic talk named ‘the power of influence’ that was both educational and comical. Focussing first on communication, he led with an important statistic, stating that communication is made up of 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words. He then spoke about the positive elements of body language we can utilise, including posture, eye contact and smiling.

He also discussed changes in mindset, including the way in which we view energy, and how tiredness is more a state of mind than a physical state of being, our ability to adopt a useful mindset, rather than one that is necessarily true, in order to deal with our circumstances and changing the way in which we see anxiety, as a call to action rather than a negative feeling. His final point dealt with reflection. By allocating a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly ‘sunset’, this gives us time to focus on our actions, reflect, make changes and work constructively towards the future. These elemental truths of life offered key pieces of advice for every member of the audience.

The next speaker was Dr Adam Fraser, with his seminar ‘the third space’ that perfectly applied to work-obsessed stylists and small business owners who find it difficult to leave their work at the salon. As one of Australia’s most noted public speakers, as well as a regular presence on TV and the author of three books, Dr Fraser had a perfect understanding of the business world to impart to the audience. In a rapidly evolving business world, he theorised, one must find their ‘third space’, a way to transition between the busy working day and home life.

Adam Fraser - Headshot

Dr Adam Fraser

“Small business owners struggle with work life balance the most because they’re always on,” he explained. This makes the ‘third space’ all the more necessary, a time that should be comprised of reflection, rest and, ultimately, resetting. The list of examples for this space are endless, and can range from the commute home, to exercise, playing with a pet or anything that is personal to you that helps you unwind. In testing this, Dr Fraser found over an improvement of over 40% in mood and behaviour, and a significant improvement in family dynamics. Emotion controls behaviour, he hypothesised, so we must be actively aware of how we show up to every interaction, whether this is in business or in our personal lives.

Matt Church, who was also MC of the summit, was the final speaker, delivering a talk titled ‘the chemistry of success’ that delved into our internal chemistry that impacts every facet of our lives. Taking control of this internal chemistry, he declared, leads to being a motivational leader which is imperative in business and society. With a background in biochemistry, Church delivered a relevant and entertaining presentation to allow the audiences to maximise their diet, sleep, and other daily processes in order to induce natural chemicals and increase levels of energy, productivity and happiness.

Matt Church - Headshot

Matt Church

The summit closed with a panel discussion with four leaders of the beauty industry, Mandy Gray of True Solutions, Donna Mee, a makeup artist and veteran of the industry who has appeared in multiple formats over three decades, Victoria Fox, Founder of Miss Fox Melbourne and Suzie Hoitink, the Founder and CEO of Clear Complexion Clinics. The panel answered questions from the audience based on their own business experience and knowledge of the industry, discussing their own work life balance, mistakes and regrets, mantras, international beauty trends, as well as employment advice and working as a team.

The summit was held over high tea, with a view of Sydney’s stunning Darling Harbour. Attendees left with skincare gift bags from True Solutions International and the event’s sponsors, as well as a wealth of unique and worldly advice, before convening for an elegant cocktail party to celebrate the day’s lessons.

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