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Spotlight on In-Salon Colour Trend: Foilyage

So many new things are just two old things mixed together (hello Bronde…) and the portmanteau defining the next wave of salon colour trends proves that to a tee – of course, we’re talking about Foilyage. The trend’s two origin points (foil and balyage) are made pretty simple in the name, but there’s more to this trend than just its catchy title.


The trend was developed in New York City, specifically Louis Licari Salon, by colourist Hitomi Ikeda, and made the rounds on the Internet about a year ago. Now, a series of new media attention from publications such as Allure and Seventeen has shifted it back in the spotlight and assured its longevity. The system sees the top of the hair left natural and colour painted onto the hair balyage-style, but then each section is wrapped in foils to enhance the effect of the colour.

“I don’t really like to balayage the whole head, because it always comes out too piecey in the root area, and you have to add extra heat to the hair to lift the color,” Hitoma shared with InStyle last year. “To do ombré with all foils, you have to do so much teasing to separate each area, and that’s a lot of work for everyone involved. I tried to come up with a way to achieve the look using the painting technique, but wrapping the ends with foils to brighten them.”

The look has been referenced as the go-to trend for celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigan and Khloe Kardashian, and is apparently ideal for red-heads and especially brunettes, who benefit from the amplified tones and have hair previously deemed too dark for balyage. Colourists warn that it may be too damaging for blondes, or those with fine hair, and suggest the use of treatments such as Olaplex that maintain the hair’s condition through the colouring process.

The result is a warm, natural, brunette-friendly salon hair trend that will have your darker hair clients streaming through your salon doors. Heightened media attention and winter around the corner make it the in salon colour trend of the moment.

Is this trend popular in your salon?

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