Writing a preview article about Ssh! kind of seems like a contradiction in terms, considering the guerilla hairdressing event likes to keep its details under wraps for as long as possible. However, we have the initial information on where, when and who is presenting, for the 2016 version of the annual event that brings the industry together, all in the name of creative exploration.

é SALON at Ssh! 2015

This year’s show will take place on the evening of November 13, with an absolutely stellar line-up of international and local artists, hailing from destinations such as the UK, New York and all around Australia. Think, Peter Gray, the SACO team, Eros, Richard Kavanagh, Robert Lobetta, Kobi Bokshish, Jamie Furlan and Alex Newman, who will all present a 15 minute ‘visual journey’ to an assumedly enthralled audience. Sponsors for this rapidly rising show include Schwarzkopf, De Lorenzo, ghd, Sebastian and evo.

Jason and India Miller at Ssh! 2015

Two workshops will follow this inspirational show on Monday the 14th of November and Tuesday the 15th. On Monday, Ssh! The Masterclass will showcase creative teams each giving 55 minute presentations, for a more in-depth look into their creative process. The forum is made to share ideas, techniques and influences in a more intimate setting, photographic opportunities and closing Q and A included.

X-presion at Ssh! 2015

On Tuesday, a show featuring Mazella and Palmer and SACO will follow the workshop format of a look and learn in the morning followed by a hands-on segment in the afternoon.

“The purpose of Ssh! is to deliver an unpredictable creative exploration into the creative minds of leading hair artists from around the world, sharing this with our audience in an experiential educational journey of the creative unknown,” shared one half of Ssh!’s founding team, Emiliano Vitale (his partner in crime being Benni Tognini).

“Ssh! is inspired by, and based purely on the idea of bringing the best global artists together through a neutral platform in creative collaboration with the single desire of sharing and contributing to the creative development and growth of the Australian and global hairdressing industries.”

Brad Ngata at Ssh! 2015

By hairdressers, for hairdressers and boasting a very cool, underground vibe usually reserved for rock concerts, Ssh!’s 2016 line-up is enough to intrigue any creatively-inclined hairdresser. If you missed the first 2 instalments, make your Ssh! debut this year. If you’ve been before, you’re probably already searching for tickets.

For more information visit www.ssh.global