In some ways, guerilla hairdressing show Ssh! is built for the emerging artists – the hairdressers who are in the midst of honing their skills, with a passion for education and a fascination with this creative industry. After all, with details being released on social media and the education event taking on more of a rock concert feel, it makes sense that Ssh! is the perfect environment for the young. As such, the show is offering apprentices 2 for 1 tickets, ensuring the younger demographic doesn’t miss out on this important show.

India Miller at Ssh! 2015

The show, presented by Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta, follows up on two years of successful annual events, as inspired by similar grass root hair education events held in London and Taipei. The show will help foster the future of the Aussie hair industry, giving away one complimentary ticket for every apprentice ticket sold, allowing these apprentices access to the multi-day education event.

X-Presion at Ssh! 2015

“As an industry we must take responsibility for our own destination, our own education, and our own future – this is what Ssh! is about. Unbiased, pure and untainted in its message and hitting every angle of education over three days,” Emilano shared.

“The world constantly changes and if we keep doing the same thing, we keep achieving the same outcomes,” Benni continued. “For us to continually have growth, we have to constantly challenge ourselves – to do more, to do better and to be hungry for more! This is what Ssh! stands for.”

Ssh! 2015 Finale

The event will kick off with a spectacular show and then impressive masterclass from November 13 to 15. Check out the enthralling line-up here, and mark it in your diary!

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