We were never that good at keeping secrets – and the line-up for the second annual instalment of Ssshhh! is too good to keep to ourselves. After making its mark on the industry when it debuted last November, Ssshhh is back, congregating a group of inspirational international stylists to presents their skills, all in the name of collaboration.

Benni Tognini - profile shot 2
Benni Tognini

However, with the event’s cool underground vibe there isn’t much more information to divulge. Apart from the artists, and the date – November and 15th and 16th just by the way – the venue and additional details will be revealed in the event’s cryptic social media campaign. Oh well, delayed gratification is a sign of maturity, right?

Jules Tognini_lil off the top[2]
Jules Tognini
Hosted by Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta, it’s no wonder the influential trio could create such an impressive agenda, with artists hailing from Australia, the UK, Scotland, Spain and the US.

Robert9730new bw copy
Robert Lobetta

“We amplified education on a neutral platform by presenting a collective of incomparable creatives and in 2015 we are excited to be giving our industry something different again with international teams we believe will truly impact our industry with their other-worldly ingenuity and originality,” Emiliano shared. “There’s definitely something for everyone!”

Emiliano Vitale & Lisa Muscat - e SALON 2015
Emiliano Vitale and Lisa Muscat-Vitale

Aside from Emiliano and Lisa Muscat-Vitale of é SALON, and Benni together with his son Jules Tognini, esteemed and multi-award winning hairdressers Brad Ngata and Caterina DiBiase will represent the Australian contingent.

brad ngata_medium_hires (2)
Brad Ngata

Robert, hailing from the US starts the international onslaught, joined by Spain’s creative trio X-Presion, as well as Jason and India Miller of Scotland’s influential Charlie Miller Artistic Team. Dove Palmer and Faye Turner round out the agenda – no stranger to international showcases, the duo have toured all over the world, enthralling audiences from Europe to Asia. This equals eight eclectic presentations to take place at the event.

Dove Palmer & Faye Turner - Mazella&Palmer
Dove Palmer & Faye Turner

“The whole focus of Ssshhh! has been to fuse passion, unity, education, legends of the industry and raw talent to provide our audience the ultimate in creative inspiration,” Benni said. “In 2015 we have gathered another awe-inspiring group of incredibly distinctive artists – we’re certain this new mix of creatives will again showcase something that challenges everyone who attends with regards to how they think about hair and education!”

Caterina Di Biase
Caterina DiBiase

“In 2014, Ssshhh! truly changed the face of our hairdressing landscape – creative, unpredictable and visionary in its approach to education and presenting something by the hairdresser for the hairdresser,” Emiliano continued. “It really sets out to change and expand the educational horizon.”

X-Presion profile shot

Anticipation is steadily rising, and more clues will be revealed on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks. What was it that we just said about delayed gratification?

Jason & India Miller - Charlie Miller
Jason & India Miller

For more information visit www.ssh.global