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Ssshhh: The Robert Lobetta videos you have to see

It’s now been over two weeks since Ssshhh and we still find ourselves consumed with the event’s key concepts.


Emiliano Vitale, Robert Lobetta and Benni Tognini

If you’re also still trying to wrap your head around some of the evening’s more daring looks or simply relive the magic, here at INSTYLE we’ve found ways to keep holding on and never let go. First, our post-event wrap-up has all the looks and info you need to see if you were unfortunate enough to miss out on tickets. Second, we’ve found two videos that pertain to some of the event’s most intriguing ideas, providing even more food for thought.

Iconic styling legend Robert Lobetta (who you may remember as the presenter who painted his model blue live on stage two weeks ago) spends one video discussing his thoughts on de-reconstruction – and the next video showcasing these ideas at their editorial best.


Click here for Styleicons|TV.

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