St. Tropez and its legion of followers congregated, fittingly, in the Ivy Sunroom last week, hosting an expert panel to unveil the brand’s latest innovations. The new formulations, technologies and hero fragrance focus on the brand driving their image as a total skincare body company with a solution for everyone from glowing skin to a deep tan.

Gradual-Tan-Greta-ST-LS copy

“We think of ourselves as skin finishing rather than tanning and Michael Brown our ambassador is the ideal advocate for that,” PZ Cussons Marketing Director Jacqueline Burchell said. “Our gradual in shower tan category is growing now – it used to be about being as dark as possible but now people want a more subtle result, something they can build on through the week.”

Michael Brown, Jacqueline Burchell and Dr. Paul Evans at the event

Jacqueline made up one part of the panel, and was joined by Dr. Paul Evans, Technology and Innovation Director for PZ Cussons. The pair revealed a new brand innovation focused on fragrance, one which incorporates mood-enhancing technology, as developed through an international preference test. The new fragrance sounds more like a perfume than a tanning product, imbued with bergamot, lavender, green apple, jasmine and more. These scents utilise the science and research behind creative perfumery to create a holiday-style mood for the wearer (and, thankfully, those around them).

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The brand also continues to flaunt its ingenious 100 per cent natural DHA technology, derived from wheat and sugar beet-Vegetan, which tailors the colour to each individual skin tone. The new fragrance works particularly alongside DHA, bringing the DHA into the fragrance and concealing it, rather than attempting to overwhelm it with other, stronger scents. This way, those clichéd negative smells, so often associated with self-tanning products, disappear.

In-Shower-Greta-ST-LS copy

The technology is a primary factor in existing hero products such Self Tan Dark and Express, as well as new launches, including the enticing Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion and Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Golden Glow. This product incorporates Sweet Almond Oil to maximise hydration and Jojoba Ester, which allows the product to absorb into the skin. Basically, science and technology is working on every front to take the self-tanning sphere to its absolute peak.


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