Welcome Evo’s new Hue-verse range of permanent colour and demi-permanent gloss, seen here on the precipice of its lasting legacy within a whole new frontier in cult product adoration.

Discover more about the Hue-verse range, which provides inimitable performance without compromise. The savvy range is comprised of 85 permanent shades, 49 demi-permanent shades, five cream developers, one liquid developer powder and a clay lightener to empower colourists with simple, hard-working formulas that focus on coverage, condition, longevity and shine.

We spoke to two colour legends, Jay Kownacki, Evo’s Head of Education, and Stevie English, Evo Colour Creative Director, about how this range of hues has already reached cult status, from its initial conception to its actual salon performance.

INSTYLE: Can you describe what’s gone into the creation of Hue-verse?

Jay Kownacki: A lot of blood, sweat and tears! Our small but dedicated team worked hard to show the world that performance doesn’t have to come with compromise when it comes to professional hair colour. Four years of constant model testing allowed us to perfect the performance and tonality of every single shade.

IN: How did you know that you got the Hue-verse product line just right? 

JK: We had a clear definition of what performance meant to us and we didn’t stop until we achieved that in every single shade. When you achieve results with the level of intensity, shine, condition and longevity that we did, you know it’s ready for the world.

IN: Hue-verse is vegan and cruelty free, was it important to you to make a product line that was both good for humans and the environment?

JK: At Evo, we don’t believe in shaming ingredients or greenwashing, we believe in creating hard-working, high-performing products that respect people and the planet. When it came to Hue-verse, not only was it important for us to create a vegan and cruelty-free colour line, but it was equally as important to ensure that this didn’t compromise on the product’s performance.

IN: Why do colourists love to use Hue-verse?

JK: For its simplicity, performance, shine and condition. Hue-verse achieves all of these categories at the highest level. There is nothing like it on the market, so what’s not for a colourist to love?

IN: How does Hue-verse work in tandem with your other colour offerings, like Fab Pro?

JK: Thanks to Hue-verse, Evo is now has a full concept professional haircare brand. Fab Pro and Staino are now fully supported by a permanent and demi-permanent colour range, along with our lightening portfolio, bottle blonde. We worked tirelessly to ensure that Hue-verse reflects work seamlessly with Fab Pro and, as a result, colourists can perfectly match and maintain their clients’ colour between salon visits by sending them home with a customised colour maintenance conditioner. There really is nothing a colourist can’t do with the Evo colour portfolio.

IN: What gives Hue-verse its cult product status?

Stevie English: We’re talking about the first professional colour line to truly deliver out-of-this-world performance without compromise, each and every time. Complete coverage, longevity, vibrance, epic shine and a squeaky clean ingredient list. What more could a colourist want?

IN: How do you like to use Hue-verse in salon?

SE: Firstly, creating the perfect base has been made easy thanks to bottle blonde, Evo’s professional lightening portfolio. In particular, Bottle Blonde powder lightener offers the fastest lifting results without any irritation. I love to then use Hue-verse acidic liquid demi-permanent gloss to create beautiful tones. The permanent shades are pretty nifty too, offering full coverage without any nasties. We don’t use anything else in the salon!

IN: What is a hair shade you feel will always remain iconic?

SE: Platinum blonde, always. I’m working on pushing pink towards icon status too.

IN: How do you use Hue-verse with your other Evo colour lines, like Fab Pro?

SE: Both Hue-verse and Bottle Blonde work hand-in-hand with Fab Pro and Staino to offer colourists all they could need when it comes to colour. Staino sits perfectly on a lifted based, and Fab Pro is an essential part of our many colour corrections and at-home colour maintenance.

Each and every Hue-verse shade has been paired with a Fab Pro take-home formula so that colourists can send their clients home with a matching colour maintenance conditioner to keep their colour bright and shiny for longer. Evo’s full concept professional offering works together as one big happy colour family!

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