Australia and New Zealand’s number one sustainability service in the hair and beauty industry, Sustainable Salons, has big plans for the year ahead and beyond. The inspirational organisation diverts hair, plastics, metals, paper, chemicals and more from landfill, making the planet a better place and investing in the values of help and community that define the hairdressing industry.

If you’ve somehow missed how important this organisation is, here are some fast fun facts. Sustainable Salons is the world’s largest donor of ponytails for the medical wig market, where hair cut from any clients in partnering salons (yes even coloured hair, chemically processed hair and hair from clients of any age, gender or hair type) is donated to this amazing cause. The company has six depots across Australia and New Zealand and over 50 per cent of their workforce are supported employees.

“The materials we collect are repurposed and recycled into innovative new products, for example hair clippings collected from the salon floor are used to create hair booms to clean up oil spills, plastic shampoo bottles are upcycled into new products like sunglasses, combs and coasters,” the brand said. “All proceeds from selling aluminium foil and paper collected from our members is donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest with over 169,000 meals and counting provided to those in need.”

Sustainable Salons is a win for salons too, as 4000 conscious consumers visit the Sustainable Salons Locator each month to find a Sustainable Salon for their next hair or beauty service, meaning partnering salons are helping both the planet and their bottom line with this referral service.

Sustainable Salons will be representing at Hair Festival 2022, with the world’s first hair salon powered by 100 per cent green hydrogen, and plenty more. Stay tuned for more details!

If you aren’t already a Sustainable Salon, what are you waiting for? There’s so much to be discovered to help the planet and do some serious good.

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