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System Professional Launches ‘Hair Energy’ Technology

Cult luxury brand System Professional has made important product changes, drawing on a significant new discovery about hair, and using this research and innovative technology to redefine the brand as a whole, writes Nouroluyon Borghol.

The ground-breaking discovery from Wella Professionals reveals that each individual’s hair has its own ‘Hair Energy’ profile that is as unique as a fingerprint. The brand has used this intel to deduce that hair can be transformed through a revolutionary new ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX, and is now offering a care system tailored to those specific energy needs. The system is comprised of three steps – complex in-salon diagnostics, and individualised in-salon treatments and retail options based on those results.

“With 40 years dedicated to the science of transformative haircare, System Professional is the only brand with the experience to create a personalised, bespoke professional haircare system,” said Jerome Toulza, General Manager Wella Professionals, Coty Professional Beauty ANZ.

“We pride ourselves in not only innovating products that serve a purpose, but we also commit to providing a luxurious experience for our consumers that goes beyond the salon.”

More specifically, the ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX technology is designed to re-establish the hair’s natural lipid balance and protect the keratin for healthier hair that is more responsive to touch, styling and color.

Inspired by luxury skincare science, the new technology is a patented combination of five naturally occurring active lipids and other powerful ingredients that instantly boost hair quality and feel. The innovative complex is made up of vitamin B to maintain moisture balance within the scalp layers, caffeine for increasing blood circulation in the scalp, histidine to replenish the natural protein structure and two natural – lipids Glyceryl Monoleate & Oleic Acid, which help maintain the structural integrity of hair.

“Whilst keratin acts as hair’s main building block (comprising 96 per cent of it), this new research has shown that lipids (only 4 per cent of hair’s main building blocks), have a uniquely active influence upon hair, acting as a kind of flexible ‘cement’ to bind the keratin ‘bricks’,” shared Dr. Ramon Grimalt, independent hair biologist and Professor of Dermatology at the University of Barcelona.

“Managing the right levels and condition of both keratin and lipids in an individual’s hair is the key to influencing its structure which ultimately will determine whether hair is smooth or frizzy, shiny or dull, limp or full of bounce,” Ramon continued.

This cutting-edge technology uses an ENERGYCODE™MAPPING diagnostic tool to identify your client’s hair energy profile. This diagnosis forms the basis of a salon and take-home treatment and product regimen that is tailored to your client’s specific hair and scalp needs. There are infinite combinations to meet each individual’s haircare needs; varying from express leave-ins, to rinse out care to indulgent rituals.

Two high-profile brand ambassadors are on board to support this new technology, with Poppy and Chloe Delevingne joining the campaign. Both models attest to the immediate change they felt in their hair after undertaking the system. The duo were diagnosed in salon to reveal their very disparate hair needs, and then given the new treatments and products to instantly re-energise their hair.

An important new discovery for scientists, clients and celebrity figures alike, this technology is most significantly paramount for hairdressers looking to act in the utmost professional, personal and innovative manner possible.

“As a hairdresser and salon owner, it’s exciting to have a personalised haircare system that prioritises individual haircare needs,” said Australian stylist, Mia De Vries of The Fox & The Hair. “System Professional’s bespoke consultation service allows me to really understand my clients’ hair and scalp concerns so I can prescribe a haircare system that’s totally unique to them. Having been EnergyCoded myself, I can attest to the quality of System Professional – my hair looks and feels better than ever and I can’t wait for my clients to try it for themselves.”

These new System Professional treatments, products and diagnostic services are exclusive to System Professional salons across Australia from February 2017.

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