Tangle Teezer launched an important new product by treating beauty media to blow-dry’s at Sydney’s chic Salon X. The Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brush was tried, tested and approved by the by the most significant authorities in the industry.

Salon X

Known for their clever purse-accessory necessities, Tangle Teezer have expanded with the launch of this styling brush. The brush was made particularly to combat common frustrations in styling hair, giving greater results in less time. It makes for the next ideal addition to your retail shelf, or professional tool to add to your kit.

Full Paddle 1

Utilising their famed Smart Teeth technology, the fine tips enable the brush to pick up the hair and guide it towards the lower part of the teeth of the brush. This allows for free-flow tension and the removal of excess moisture, which allows for quicker drying times. It also creates a consistent, evenly-distributed temperature through fixed-base teeth that won’t bend or melt. The tools come in two sizes, full size and half size, for maximum effect for each client.


Promising smoother brush strokes that leave hair shinier and more voluminous, and achieved quicker at that, this is a solid step for Tangle Teezer, which continues to expand its product empire.

For more information visit www.tangle-teezer.com.au