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Taylor Swift’s Hair Transformation in 13 Looks

This year the world was shocked when Taylor Swift renounced country music in favour of pop, but last year the songstress made a change to her persona equally as drastic when she cut her hair.

The video of the cut, posted to Instagram, has been liked over three hundred thousand times and presumably watched more than several feature films. It marked the day Taylor shed her voluminous blonde curls, once synonymous with her country pop star image, for the long bob (or ‘lob’), changing her public image forever.

In honour of Taylor’s 25th birthday on the 13th of December, and her famed lucky number, we’ve tracked her hair metamorphosis in 13 looks.

1. When Taylor released her first album in 2006 these ringlets were a sign of both her young age and musical identity, appearing in full force on the cover of her first three albums.

Taylor Swift

2. Whilst singing about fairytales in her earlier hits, Taylor would channel a princess look, with romantic braided up styles that highlighted her grace and femininity.


3. A strong cherry red lip became synonymous with her classic aesthetic, and has stood the test of time and her changing hair styles.


4. Playing in Sydney with a side braid, in all white and with banjo in hand, Taylor encapsulates country music.


5. As Taylor’s musical style developed, she alternated between her curly tresses and a dead straight style, whilst debuting her now famous square fringe.


6. Sweeping her fringe to the side, Taylor showed how a textured ponytail can be the epitome of chic.


7. Still sporting long hair, Taylor tried a variety of different styles, here hitting the red carpet with a trendy top knot and pulled out pieces for effortless grace.


8. Taylor blurred the lines between musical sensation and fashion icon with this long tressed cover shot for Vogue, travelling a long way from her former country image.


9. Subtle braids and smoky eyes presented another take on classic style with this Grecian inspired awards look.


10. Making the chop, Taylor sports the dead straight lob in her music video for ‘Shake It Off’, presenting the very opposite of her former hair to coincide with a dramatic change in her musical style.


11. Taylor shows that she can still opt for elegance with short hair, with this curly Old Hollywood Glamour aesthetic an immediate hit at the VMAs.


12. Now the picture of sophistication, Taylor pairs a modernised fashion style with her new cut, worn wavy with modern, metallic accessories and eye makeup.


13. Taylor proves there’s no losing versatility with a shorter crop, here opting for a sleek, asymmetrical style paired with all red including her notorious cherry lip.


Which era of Taylor will your clients want to emulate?

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