Everyone will be talking about the music industry’s biggest night – and this year’s hair triumphs and fails will, as always, be front of mind.

As stylists it’s kind of your job to be up to date on which celebs have opted for the chop, extended their length or decided a mop of blonde ringlets was the trendiest choice for the evening (stay tuned) at the 2016 Grammys and, as such, we have you covered.

Between mullets, bright colour and hair pieces galore, this year didn’t disappoint. These looks are on everyone’s lips today.

1. Taylor Swift

She’s been a far cry from the long curly hair she used to rock back in the day (think around 2008) for awhile now, but this is the shortest Taylor has ever ventured. We’re wary about being fooled again (Gigi Hadid, we’re looking at you), so we’re expecting a statement from her stylist pretty soon explaining how Taylor nailed the faux bob. In fact, you can master the trend yourself here. If it’s real, we were totally duped.


2. Lady Gaga

We could have sworn Lady Gaga had platinum blonde hair less than a week ago at the Superbowl, but the songstress has gone red (and is that a white streak we see?) for the Grammys. We presume this is in honour of David Bowie, who she will pay tribute to in a performance during the show. That bright blue suit, hair height and the most sparkly eyeshadow in human history are very glam rock indeed.


3. Janelle Monae

She’s patented the quiff as her staple hair style, but Janelle Monae opted for an entirely different look at this year’s Grammy. A lot of of length and dual braids (not to mention that sailor’s hat) is a unique red carpet choice.


4. Carrie Underwood

The big news here is that Carrie cut her long country locks (à la 2008 Taylor) into this chic lob in December, so this is her first major awards show to pull off the look. Slicked back and paired with an always-inspiring smoky eye, we’ll be giving this a tick.


5. Demi Lovato

Stop the presses! Demi is wearing her hair long for the first time in a long time, having sported a shorter cut for the past couple of years. For a star who’s tried everything from bright colour to undercuts, this natural style on Demi is her most daring yet.


6. Zendaya

Every awards ceremony we’ll be giving out the award for ‘most meme-able’, and this time Zendaya’s blonde mullet takes the cake. The singer, who’s dreadlocks you may remember caused quite a stir at last year’s Oscars, has been unfairly compared to Billy Ray Cyrus way too many times today (OK, there is some resemblance). We’re going to give her props for at least not being boring – the ultimate fashion faux pas.


7. Lisa Lampanelli

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli pairs her undercut with bright pink lips and even brighter blue hair – as it should be.


8. Bonnie McKee

Every runway should have some pastel hair (we’ve just decided) and this year US singer Bonnie McKee volunteered as tribute, going soft pink for the occasion. Bonnie is known for her usually sunset-style locks, so this is actually quite muted for the musician.


9. Z Lala

We honestly have no words for this (and as writers, that’s no easy feat) so we’re just going to leave this one here.


10. Joseph De La Baume

Mark Ronson’s date/wife took that braided bun, those gelled down front pieces and the classic red lip straight from the runway, and with her auburn hair it’s a total head-turner.


11. Bonnie Rait

Speaking of auburn, legendary singer Bonnie Rait opts for a similar rich tone – notably paired with a statement grey streak. A curious choice we’ll leave you to ponder over.


12. Lalah Hathaway

This vocalist is a force even when she steps out from behind the microphone. Purple dreads tied in a half-top knot prove that the Grammys is the awards show to be bold.


13. Ciara

Ciara’s soft, multi-tonal hair look is an eye-catcher for colourists and stylists who may want to emulate it in the salon. Although it may fade into the background with some of these other looks, we’re really just trying to prepare you for…


14. Dencia

…This. We’re not even going to try to dismantle this pink-outfit-blonde ringlet-Hello-Kitty-clip ensemble (although I guess we just kind of did), we’ll leave you as the professionals to figure out what on earth is going on here.


Which looks are you talking about?