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The 3 Business Strategies You Need To Be Successful

Lisa Conway has released a video that succinctly points out the three facets of business that salons need to focus on to flourish. Speaking as the Director and a business coach of Zing Coaching for a new video entitled The Magic is in the Mix, Lisa opines that each salon team member needs to exceed three and a half times their gross wage for the salon to be successful. By addressing the core of business strategy, she tells you how to make this work.

Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway

Lisa begins by describing her own personal experiences as a hairdresser and salon owner, showcasing her passion for the industry. She then uses this experience to outline the three elements of business salons need to focus on – time, money and team.

Zing Coaching teaches salon owners how to delegate and schedule, understand where their profits are being made and implement the correct leadership skills to excite and motivate their team.

Lisa has written a book called The Naked Salon which addresses these issues in full. With copies flying off the shelves, it seems salons are more than ready to reap the benefits of her expertise.

The full video can be viewed below.

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