Small corners of the Internet were celebrating International Blondes Day yesterday (May 31st), an initiative that seemingly started in Latvia and now sees more social media users tagging, mentioning and sharing their favourite blonde pictures around this time year. It’s a flimsy holiday to be sure, but like we need any reason to celebrate the world of blonde. We’ve already inducted some iconic blondes into our Blonde Hall of Fame (Marilyn, the obvious first choice), but now we’re looking just at the last few months, and which celebrities have kept blonde continuously at the trend forefront with their own dramatic changes.

These 5 new blonde looks are among our favourites.

1. Dannii Minogue

Before she went pink in April, Dannii Minogue sent shock waves around Instagram with a dramatic turn to blonde. You can thank L’Oréal Professionnel and their Smartbond technology for this January hair change, imbuing the new year with a transformation-first mentality.

2. Katy Perry

She has alternated between bright hues of pink, blue and more, but Katy Perry was mostly known for her raven locks. That all changed this year when she officially joined the blonde brigade. She debuted a short blonde crop shortly thereafter, making this a strong few months of hair experimentation for Katy.

3. Zoë Kravitz

It was technically late last year that Zoë first turned blonde, but you’ll have to give us a pass in mentioning one of the bigger blonde stories of the year. Zoë’s interesting blonde hair looks, for example her trademark dreadlocks and this interesting red carpet style at the 2017 Oscars, provided initial inspiration, before she jumped on the short hair trend and cropped her hair into a blonde pixie cut.

4. Allison Williams

After parting with her 6 year role as perennially-infuriating Girls character Marnie Michaels, Allison Williams went blonde in February, changing up the brunette hair she had worn throughout her career. Despite complaining about the texture of her new blonde hair in February, Allison has kept the hue (and hopefully found ways to fix the texture), sporting the cool look at red carpet events around the country.

5. Cara Delevingne

Before she straight up chopped and shaved her hair for a part in a movie, Cara Delevingne ticked off an item on her hair bucket list, going platinum blonde for a hot minute at London Fashion Week. The look itself may have been fleeting, but we’re still loving it.