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The 5 Biggest Hair Colour Trends of 2016

With the help of social media and the endless array of viral hashtags, hair colour trends have been a major force once again in 2016, and while some have come and gone, a few have stood out as instant classics. When we look back at the hair year that was in 2016, these will be among the trends that defined colour these 12 months of colour – ranging from the subtle to the outrageous to those that actually glowed in the dark. Take a look!

1. Grombré

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Any hair trend that enters an entirely new word into the our hairdressing lexicon is worthy of a mention, and last year’s ‘bronde’ became this year’s ‘grombré’, a portmanteau involving fading ombré hair – but grey. The natural evolution of the granny hair trend spawned its own hashtag and attracted media coverage from major online sites, proving it has staying power.

2. Glow In The Dark Hair


A trend that began at the beginning of the year and continued to gain traction throughout the next 12 months, with major YouTube stars creating their interpretation of the trend in video form, glow in the dark hair makes the 21st century feel adequately futuristic. Created with black light sensitive or neon hair colour, the sci-fi inspired looks takes the best of rainbow hair but makes is suitable for the dark.

3. Eclipting


Another trend that birthed a new word in our style dictionaries, Aveda are responsible for both the word and the technique, as created for their latest collection. The unique colour trend is customised to each individual client, analysing the client’s hair against their eyebrow colour, eye colour, facial features and skin tone and then applying light and dark to bring out the client’s best features.

4. Underlights


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Secrecy was a running theme in 2016 when it came to hair trends that could be hidden and revealed at will. First and foremost was the Underlights hair trend, otherwise known as ‘secret rainbow hair’, which allowed your clients to look practically conservative with their hair down but, against the popular saying, appear a little crazier with their hair up.

5. Veiling


Image via Aleks Abadia

Veiling or Colour Flipping was the hair trend of choice for your more natural clients, demonstrating a colour trend built for strong, moderate tones over the usual rainbow hair trends. The technique utilises bespoke hidden panels of colour, allowing for contrasting hues when the hair is flipped from one side to the other – in short, your client can be both a brunette and a blonde simultaneously!

Which trend is your favourite?

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