Celebrities made their way to Europe for the Cannes Film Festival, and while much discussion was made of the movies, the fashion, hair and beauty on the red carpet was, as always, an equally exciting sideshow.

The array of designer gowns did the glamour of the French Riviera justice, and the elegant hair and makeup looks followed suit. While classy up styles and simple slicked back looks have ruled the red carpet, we have chosen 6 of our favourite looks that deviate a little from the mould.

1. Lupita Nyong’o


Complementing her vibrant green dress and bright pink lips, Lupita piled volume on top, paired with hair accessories, for a contemporary tribal aesthetic.

2. Diane Kruger


This tousled half-up style was a mix between effortless red carpet glamour and what could be a new day-to-day trend for your clients.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal


Smart tux, slicked back hair and masculine beard – Jake Gyllenhaal is the epitome of modern day dapper.

4. Emma Stone


Always on point on the red carpet, Emma Stone sweeps her rich auburn locks to one side in this soft, asymmetrical look.

5. Zoe Kravitz


Detailed dreadlocks bring a certain amount of street cred to the glitterati of Cannes.

6. Sienna Miller


Bold berry lips are complemented with an intricate braided up style that is full of grace and sophistication.

Which look is your favourite?