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The 6 Best Hair Looks from the 2017 Oscars

Because we think the whole academy is attempting to forget that Steve Harvey-esque Best Picture debacle (sorry, La La Land), let’s instead focus on another important element of the 2017 Academy Awards – our own awards for best hair. Best Actor, Actress or Director is really inconsequential next to best colour, cut, style or trend, so we’re summing up our favourite looks at the 2017 Oscars – feel free to show your clients for their requisite dose of red carpet inspiration.

We assure you we won’t be calling out the wrong hair-winning names (too soon?).

1. Emma Roberts

The acting awards category was all about Emma Stone, but for aspirational hair colour we’re calling out another Emma. Emma Roberts’ new peach tone was a definite red carpet highlight – and a very wearable trend to create in your salon.

2. Halle Berry

Big curls, natural texture, a 70s-esque fro-like shape – it’s all ticks from us with Halle Berry’s bold hair look.

3. Janelle Monae

Pixie cuts proved a massive trend on the red carpet (next to other major short hair looks such as undercuts and slicked back hair), and Janelle Monae chopped her always-interesting locks for the occasion, staying right on trend with this toussled short hair look, anchored by a regal hairpiece.

4. Michelle Williams

Speaking of pixie cuts, Michelle Williams’ famously short hair got even shorter with this cropped, platinum blonde style turning heads on the red carpet.

5. Cynthia Evro

Broadway star Cynthia Evro made her Oscar red carpet debut and stole the hair show, with a necessary dose of Granny Hair and a unique awards show texture that won her a spot on this list for pure interest (and bravery) alone.

6. Jessica Biel

It’s classic awards show glamour, with a twist, as Jessica Biel asymmetric chignon sparked new ideas for wedding and formal hair, with a little bit of difference, in salons worldwide.

Which looks do you love?

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