It’s not every year that men’s styling trends dominate public consciousness almost as much as the women’s – but with colour crazes, new takes on old classics and the all-reigning man-bun, men’s hair trends have been at the forefront of 2015.

Harry Styles rocks main braids and a man bun

From new barbering education initiatives to a host of new products and tools that cater exclusively to men, men’s styling is now taking a larger piece of the professional pie. Have these six male trends been front and centre in your salon?

1. The Man Bun

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The man bun is revolutionary, a defining trend of our time and 2015 has just seen it continue to evolve. Low buns, half-buns and every variation imaginable of this previously simple style are now on the cards. Jules Tognini has partnered with GQ for a series of male styling tutorials that demonstrate these looks to a tee – you can check some of them out on Styleicons TV.

2. Merman Hair


Who said creative colour was just for the girls? June this year saw an influx of men donning bright shades in a trend dubbed ‘merman hair’ by the internet. Vivid locks and/or facial hair took the hipster trend to a new level – showing that a full beard in teal equates to optimal levels of hashtag-worthiness.

3. Braids


Welcome the latest cousin of the man-bun being introduced to the world – the man plait. Trend pioneers Jared Leto and Harry Styles have led the way in a movement that shows that French plaits can go well with shaved sides and hidden braids are gender neutral. Thousands of snaps with the hashtag #manbraid have inundated social media, meaning the trend is on the rise.

4. Undercut

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Image sourced from Men’s Hairstyle Club

It’s an old favourite but a consistently reliable choice, especially since GQ named it the most requested haircut in the US in 2015 – with its level of subtlety and length varied between the states. It’s a classic for a reason.

5. Slicked Back

Belstaff 3
Fudge Professional for Belstaff at the London Men’s Collection

Traditionally a retro aesthetic, wet looks have made welcome appearances on this year’s international catwalks and the product menu for gels and other products is longer than ever. No wonder a bit of sheen and shine has been an inevitable part of the 2015 aesthetic.

6. The Fade

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It’s another old faithful, but with the rise of barbering that doesn’t look like slowing down, fades have become both more prevalent and more creative. With endless artistic potential, the fade has made the jump from passing fad to staple.