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The 6 Celebrity Hair Looks That Defined 2015

What will we think about when we look back on the hair year that was?

2015 was a big year for hair – increasingly bright colour trends, an emphasis on short haircuts and the invention of new techniques, terms and entire words were just some of the highlights (pun intended) of the past 11 and a half months.

As always, celebrities led the way, and when we look at this year in retrospect, these famous faces and their new hair looks will come to mind. These are the cut and colour changes that went viral, made headlines and sparked a change in your clients.

1. Blake Lively  081315-blake-lively-600 (1)

The term ‘bronde’ entered the hairdressing lexicon this year thanks to none other than Blake Lively. No portmanteau has felt this necessary since the word ‘brunch’ was invented, with clients now able to request that perfect brunette-blonde hybrid à la Blake. Simple but genius.

2. Kim Kardashian


We couldn’t have a trend-setting list and not include Kim. When Kim chopped her long locks into a lob at the start of the year, she ensured that the trend would continue all the way throughout 2015. Indeed, lobs have continued to be big business, thanks, in part, to that Kardashian influence.

3. Kim Kardashian again


We couldn’t have a trend-setting list and not include Kim… twice. Kim’s turn to platinum was a year-defining hair change, encouraging your clients to adopt the colour – hair quality and time availability be damned. When we look back on 2015, the Draco Malfoy memes, worldwide headlines and a massive salon spike in the platinum trend will be front of mind.

4. Gigi Hadid


It was just for one night, but when Gigi Hadid feigned a short haircut, the internet went crazy. The conspiracy theories came thick and fast and for good reason – it turns out that the drastic change was, in fact, a wig. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look on your clients yourself though, and with Gigi as the pioneer of the fake short hair trend, you’ll want to.

5. Georgia May Jagger


There have been a lot of celebrities who’ve donned bright shades this year. We’ve chosen to focus on Georgia May Jagger, who coloured her hair bright pink and purple in a look coined ‘My Little Pony Hair’. 2015 will long be remembered as the year celebrities and consumers alike experimented with bright shades, and for that reason we’ll continue to be thankful for trend-setters like Georgia.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - JUNE 01: Sarah Jessica Parker arrives to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards on June 1, 2008 at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

SJP was the figurehead (or figurehair) of the rising hair contouring trend, another 2015 creation. The trend has evolved to include hair strobing, with Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne at the forefront, and both trends now act as go-to commercial colour techniques in salon.

What celebrity hair trends are you hoping to see in 2016?

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