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The 7 Best Celebrity Hair Looks of Coachella 2017

Tens of thousands of people have trekked out to the Californian desert this week for Coachella, and some of them, you may have discovered from your Instagram feed, are celebrities. Coachella presents the epitome of festival style inspo – with everything from fashion to beauty and hair trends dictated by the masses and led by those celebrities in attendance we mentioned earlier. As such, we’re casting an eye over our favourite celebrity hair looks so far this year – the ideal inspiration for your festival bound clients.

1. Kylie Jenner

highlighter hair ?

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She’s always number one on the festival trend list when it comes to vivid hair (remember her multi-coloured braids from last year?), and this year is no different, as she dominated the style headlines with this neon green concoction. We know she masters an ever-changing array of looks with a combination of colour and clever wiggery and, however she pulled this off, we, and the world, are all on board. In fact, we like it so much, here’s a close up.

Morning ?

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2. Katy Perry

Thank Goddess ✨?? ?@janellshirtcliff

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2017 has been a big hair year for Katy Perry (and to think it’s only April), with the star going blonde and then increasingly shorter. She’s now at full buzz cut, and what better place to show it off than Coachella?

3. Chanel Iman


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Who doesn’t love a playful multi-hued braided look for a festival? Especially when it’s executed to perfection like this multi-faceted look for model Chanel Iman.

4. Kylie Jenner again

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She was always going to show up multiple times on this list, so of course Kylie Jenner’s immediate transformation from neon green to deep purple (and a short bob) deserves a mention. Which styles takes your personal preference?

5. Ariel Winter

Thank you so much for having me @chevrolet & @bootsybellows!!! I had an amazing time! #findnewroads #ad

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The Modern Family star oped for long, bright pink mermaid hair for Coachella – the exact right location and situation to give in to all your mermaid tendencies.

6. Solange Knowles


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While we (understandably) couldn’t have Beyoncé headlining the show this year, we’re glad we had Solange to lead the way on style, with a shorter, lighter and far redder hair look than we’re used to for the always fashion-forward star.

7. Halsey

Coachella is the ideal style setting for hair chameleon and singer Halsey, who showed off her subtle undercut and recently coloured pink hair in an idyllic party setting.

These looks are accumulating favourites, shares and views and making their way to your festival-inclined and Gen Y and Z clients’  priority list – study up on the festival trends and, when in doubt, just head to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page.

Which 2017 Coachella hair look is your favourite?

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