After the very creative year 2015 had with hair colour, we predicted that the professional and consumer obsession with colour would continue this year. Well, call us psychic, because it’s only February 4th and we’re already labelling this one as a win.

Facilitated as always through online trends and celebrity influence, there were plenty of colour moments to be inspired by in the first month of this year – take a look.

1. Fine Art Hair

Image via Ursula Goff:

We all know the connection between hair and art is intrinsic, and one colourist is showing this very literally. Kansas hairdresser Ursula Goff has been translating some of the world’s most famous works of art in hair, utilising the same colour application techniques and identical colour theory. So far she’s recreated paintings including Andy Warhol’s Marilyn, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Birth of Venus by Boticelli, Waterlilies by Monet and many more.

Image via Ursula Goff:

2. Checkerboard Hair

Insta-famous colourists are becoming more and more involved in colouring hair roots, as demonstrated by the rainbow roots trend of last year. 2016 has gone one better by distorting this trend into Checkerboard Hair, which we feel is pretty self-explanatory (if not, just check it out in the below image). You can thank colourist Alex Bronswell who drew on this temporary look with Bleach London’s Crayons.


3. Hilary Duff

It looks like bold celebrity colour will continue to be a factor in 2016, with celebrities like Hilary Duff leading the charge. The singer, who experimented with other bright colours last year (her turn to sea foam green was a favourite), cut her hair into a short bob and then coloured it pastel pink all before the month was up. Make a note, the pastel trend is clearly eternal.


4. Rainbow Bangs

Redken Spokesperson and model Amber Le Bon debuted her all-new rainbow bangs (a term obviously coined by the American media), cut by George Northwood and coloured by Redken global artist Lori Zabel. The celebrity endorsement shed light on what is a fairly popular Instagram trend already, where users colour their fringes and mostly leave the rest of their hair natural. Could this catch on?


5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s decision to go purple could be the start of a colourful male hair colour revolution – at least we hope so. Together with some other adventurous male celebs (Joe Jonas is another notable example), these stars could be the reason you start seeing more men in the colour chair.


6. Glow in the Dark

We recently reported on this Star Wars-inspired trend, which uses black sensitive hair colour to make rainbow hair infinitely more sci-fi. See more here.

Untitled (1)

7. Underlights

The bright (hair) idea that allows your clients in more conservative jobs to still experiment with colour, underlights (or ‘secret rainbow hair’ for the very literal) is a trend that tasks you with colouring only the underlayers of your client’s hair, allowing them to cover it when necessary and create some pretty spectacular multi-dimensional looks when styled. See more here.