As hairdressers, the value of a good cup of coffee probably isn’t lost on you (in fact, it probably sustains you entirely, but we digress) and the significance of a decent cup to offer your clients adds a necessary sense of luxury to your salon as well. Basically, coffee is paramount to the hairdressing industry, and as such the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) is stepping in, collaborating with ethical coffee company Community Pod, to aid the industry in using a coffee brand that makes a philanthropic and environmental difference.

Cup of coffee and coffee beans on wooden table

To combat salons brands of coffee that harm the environment, the AHC is introducing Community Pod into the industry. The brand is environmentally friendly and donates up to 14 per cent of its sales to charity. Since collaborating with the AHC, a percentage of these sales will go to the AHC’s long-time philanthropic partner, the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The key difference comes in the pods and coffee beans the brand have available – while most pod are notoriously bad for the environment, and would take hundreds of years to break down, the Community Pod pods are easily recyclable, while their coffee grounds are reused in the mushroom farms of the brand’s partner Life Cykel.

Helping the earth should always be this simple and coffee-related, we think.

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