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The Art of Consultation

Bringing an international sensibility to the salon floor through studying the chaos of consumer behavior, Sue Remes toured Melbourne and Sydney with Ozdare, bringing 31 industry years from Clinique counter to customer culture Queen, writes Cameron Pine.

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Sue Remes brought her international experience to seminars in Sydney and Melbourne

INSTYLE was privileged to attend the Melbourne seminar with over 120 guests, where Sue’s conviction about the needs and desires of a client could not have been more relevant. From research to focus groups, Sue has stood in the shoes of just about every role in the beauty industry. Her presence in Australia was a direct result of Ozdare’s commitment to education, bringing global experience to our local stylists.

“I actually stand on the floor of the brands I work with and sell to the consumer. When I take on a client this is something I insist on,” said Sue. “The truth about the consumer experience is that the rules of engagement have changed. The value add is not good enough anymore, it’s something that has to be determined by the consumer,” she said.

According to recent data sourced by Sue the global beauty business is a $382 billion market supported 85 per cent by a female base. P&G’s Olay is the strongest beauty brand in the world with a brand value of 11.8 billion. Of the top 50 beauty brands, 41 are 60 years old and 15 are over 100. Australian hairdressing and beauty revenue in 2013 was 3.8 billion – with growth expected at an annualized rate of 1.3 per cent.

Bridging the figures behind consumer markets, including the ‘millenials’ (the young ones 1980-2000 born who are now beginning to take primary importance when it comes to spending habits) Sue discussed the seven main trends influencing the beauty marketplace; price points and brand positioning, time saving and long lasting beauty solutions, conscious beauty, wholefoods, high tech developments, medical testing and surprise and delight. Research also indicates that 59 per cent of customers are willing to try a new brand to get better customer service.

A panel discussion comprising six leading salon owners then gave the audience and opportunity to brainstorm ideas and ask questions in front of some of our country’s most successful including Sandy Chong, Maria Unali and Melissa Masci.

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