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The Art of Hair Played with Quirky Creativity at GenNext

In a show built on juxtaposition, The Art of Hair, played with colour, texture and style to become the voice of individuality in a show titled Imminent Utopia. Sarah-Jane Neale, Doreen Gatt and the rest of the team, offered a show stunning in its detail, where every look impressed in its own unique fashion. You can see all the looks in an exclusive video below.


Imminent Utopia played with colour and texture to create unique looks

Consciously extravagant, the show hoped to take its audience into an imaginative state. The fashion was constructed with complex pieces, pleated panels and cut-out designs in cubes, circles, feathers, floral arrangements, butterflies and more, each one its own work of art. The makeup played with embellishments, metallic tones and pops of colour to ensure no two looks were the same.

The hair styling was no less subtle. Big shapes, carnival-style hairpieces, multi-colours, tribal-like feathered headdresses and long, elegant braids were just some of the looks, each a feature in a show full of features.


Extravagant fashion and hair pieces made for an imaginative performance

Intricate but bold, The Art of Hair played with your imagination, offering pretty, quirky and down-right unusual in a show united in its uniqueness.

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Photography by Jamie Carroll

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