The Australasian College Broadway flexed their creative muscles with a spectacular catwalk show celebrating the 30th anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil. A Night at the Cirque, which took place on the 25th of June, combined music, dance, acrobatics and creative styling to create an innovative extravaganza and show off the up and coming talent that the college has to offer. Theatrical make up and body paint were used to set the scene, while the hair styling played with voluminous teasing and colourful frosting.


The Australasian College Broadway utilised bold colours in its ode to Cirque Du Soleil

The show sought to honour the global phenomenon that is Cirque Du Soleil, with the students utilising bold colours, odd textures, animalistic patterns and avant-garde fashion styling to create looks that resembled animals and clowns. As well as the models, the students also styled the acrobats and other entertainers. The night showcased performances by fire breathers, circus performers, dancers and high profile singers, including contestants from hit TV show The Voice.


The students created clown and animal images

The show will be transformed into a dynamic video production, the first collaboration in what will be a lengthy partnership between the college and Twiin Productions.


The runway show featured acrobats and other circus entertainers 

The thematic concept of the show fits with the Australasian College Broadway’s emphasis on practical and creative teaching, allowing the students to improve their ingenuity and expand their creative portfolio. The exuberance, joy and talent that pervaded the night was a signal of success for education.

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