Barber brand The Barbiere Company have announced their support for Movember 2020, spearheading the Real Barbers, Real Talk initiative to create awareness and directly address mental health as it pertains to the safe space and conversation driving capabilities of barber shops.

Tommy Guns, Pacific Fair

The campaign aims to make a difference in the realm of men’s mental health and suicide prevention, facilitating conversations and providing the tools for dialogues that are more paramount than ever in 2020.

Barber Boys, SA

“Many men are more likely to regularly see their barber than a doctor,” said Brendan Maher, Movember Global Director of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. “We know many barbers build strong relationships with their clients over time, and they are in the unique position of being able to use those trusted conversations to help men improve and protect their mental health. In the chair, men aren’t as intimidated and are more likely to feel comfortable about opening up.”

Bearded Man, Melbourne

“We’re not asking barbers to act as counsellors, but just being there, listening and talking can be life-saving. Movember Conversations can assist with giving barbers the practical skills to better support someone who might be going through a rough time,” he continued.

The campaign inspires and educates barbers to initiate these difficult conversations, offering live webinar training, showcasing the strategies, prompts and tools that are necessary and teaching responses in these challenging conversations.

Grand Royal Barbers, NSW

Grand Royal Barbers in Sydney; Whisky Barbers and Tommy Guns in Brisbane as well as their interstate chains including The Street Barbershop, The Barbers Club and The Bearded Man in Melbourne, Barber Boys and Barbery the Craft of a Barber in South Australia and Uncle Joe’s in Perth are some of the key barbershops generating awareness and fundraising as part of the campaign.

Whisky Barbers, QLD

The campaign connects with the renowned Movember organisation that is a leading cause for change in men’s health, having funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world since 2003 and highlighting the ever-important cause of men’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Barber Club, Melbourne

Worrying statistics point to an increase in isolation, loneliness and mental health issues for men on account of COVID-19 so our roles as barbers, hairdressers, confidants and listening ears are more important than ever. Make sure you’re having necessary, responsible conversations through this important campaign.

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