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The Betta-Fish Hair Trend

Welcome to the 21st century – where the natural wonders of the world are appropriated on Instagram for the purposes of creative hair inspo.


@hairstorystudio on Instagram

After Sand Art Hair took the online world by storm, the newest creative colour trend reaching our feeds is #bettafishhair, that is hair inspired by the multidimensional colours found in Siamese Fighting Fish. These are the images you’ll want to hashtag, like, share, pin and, you know, actually create yourself.


@hairstorystudio on Instagram

Created by colourist Roxie Darling of Hairstory Studio, and shared on the salon’s Instagram, Betta Fish Hair is the latest addition to the always-expanding lexicon of aquatic hair looks, taking ‘mermaid hair’ to another level. It’s also the most recent in a series of variations of the ‘rainbow hair’ look, recasting vivid colours in new ways.

The Betta Fish look, as demonstrated by Roxie, showcases two blended pastel shades, in this case yellow and blue, and allows them to flow naturally into one another. This flexibility allows for the colours to change depending on how the look is styled. For example, worn in a curled up style the tones seamlessly merge into one another, however worn in a top knot, the colours are entirely separated, showcasing an explicit dual tone look.


@hairstorystudio on Instagram

“I picked a betta fish as a reference because I really like the way that the colours in their tails flow organically when they’re swimming” Roxie explained on social media. Describing hair as a “natural, moving fibre”, Roxie recognised that this fluid aesthetic could be translated to hair.


Siamese Fighting Fish display vivid colours when agitated, and thanks to breeders and a probable natural disposition we’ve deduced from the ‘fighting’ title in their name, these colours are now often a permanent fixture of the fish. Hues can include red, orange, yellow, blue, green and even gold, copper or platinum. Take your example from the Betta Fish themselves, by creating this look in any combination of bright tones you desire.

Good luck!

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