This year marked a renaissance for hair colour, with viral colour trends making waves on Instagram, YouTube, Buzzfeed and beyond. This meant rainbow hair was just the beginning for a wide range of new application techniques, colour combinations and entire concepts in hair colouring.

If you couldn’t keep up with this year’s favoured craze every week (and we don’t blame you), we’ve run down 15 of our favourite 2015 rainbow colour trends. This should keep you plenty busy over the summer.

1. Tie Dye Hair


Remember how you used to tie up sections of a white t-shirt and then dye it for a cool faux-hippy tie-dye effect? Imagine that – but with hair. Invented by Ricky Zito, the look involves colouring the hair in five centimetre sections, but putting fabric over rubber bands to keep parts of the hair uncoloured. Find out more about the trend here.

2. Betta-Fish Hair

@hairstorystudio on Instagram

Inspired by the translucent tones found in Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta-Fish Hair was created by Roxie Darling of Hairstory Studio. The look includes blending two pastel shades, which can include any of red, orange, yellow, blue, green and even gold, copper or platinum, so that the colours may look separated or blended depending on the styling.

3. Smokestack Hair gallery-1444341104-smokestack-after-348x400

Vadre Grigsby found inspiration in the most unlikely of places – rising plumes of smoke. Six different shades of purple are the prettiest interpretation of this dangerous matter that you’ll find on the internet.

4. Aurora Borealis Hair

Image via PopSugar

Motivated by the Northern Lights phenomenon, this vivid colour trend is defined by shades of turquoise, chartreuse and cobalt, with accents of pink and purple.

5. Colombré Bright-Beautiful-266x400

Hollywood colourist Danny Moon redefined ombré, imbuing just the right amount of rainbow through the colombré trend. While the top of the hair is natural, the bottom gradually lightens to bright or pastel hues, with a soft and seamless shift achieved through horizontal sectioning.

6. Rainbow Roots landscape-1446736806-screen-shot-2015-11-05-at-101659-am

Rainbow roots is kind of the antithesis of colombré. Pioneered by Lottie Tomlinson, the look is pretty self-explanatory – colour on the roots, natural throughout the rest of the hair.

7. Pixelated Colour xpresionpixel11--601x400

Spanish trio X-presion not only invented this innovative technique, they came all the way to Australia to teach it to us at Ssh! The new colouring process is made to achieve chromatic dimension and a pixelated effect to the hair, transforming the texture, tone and movement of the hair.

8. Petrol Hair

@auracolourist on Instagram

Petrol or oil slick hair is the brainchild of colourist Aura Friedman, which involves layering shades of blue, purple and green over dark hair so the colours aren’t as bright. Inspired by the aesthetic of running ink or puddles of gasoline in the rain, this trend was a godsend for desperate brunettes wanting to join the rainbow tribe.

9. Hidden Colour

If you think colour looks good on the top layer of hair, you should see how mesmerising it is on a subsequent layer. A Singaporean woman took oil slick hair to a new level by having her salon colour the under layer instead.

10. Sand Art Hair


Rebecca Taylor’s colourful creation maybe stays truest to the rainbow hair trend, utilising all the same bold colours but with more blended, ombré-esque hues. The final look is made to resemble sand art, hence Sand Art Hair.

11. Galaxy Hair Untitled4-352x400 #galaxyhair was a major feature on Instagram this year, putting highly pigmented blues, purples, greens, silvers and reds together to replicate the cosmos. Willing clients posted their hair images to Instagram next to a shot of the actual galaxy for comparison purposes – a nice touch.

12. Sunset Hair


Staying in the natural realm, #sunsethair was hot on the heels of its space counterpart, utilising pink, red, orange, yellow and purple tones to achieve that dusk vibe.

13. Fluid Hair Painting


Less a new trend that an entirely new technique, Fluid Hair Painting was thought up by KL Christofferson to allow the colourist greater control over the placement of colour in order to achieve an overall more fluid colour. The technique involves the client lying down with their hair fanned out over the table, while the colourist paints the hair balyage style leading to more tailored, multidimensional colour.

14. Opal Hair


The combination of Sand Art Hair and Granny Hair (which, for the uninitiated, is really just grey hair), Opal Hair can be achieved by colouring the hair to light-base shades (a step up from grey) before adding colour. Aura Friedman created the look to construct a pearl-like shine with the colour look, and provide a more muted contemporary to the myriad of rainbow looks.

15. Macaron Hair


Shelley Gregory took heed from French macaron shop Laduree in creating this delectable trend, evoking the magical quality of the store and its vivid colour palette. Colourists must hand-paint pastel hues on to strands of hair, with shades including purple, pink, peach, yellow, blue, mint green and silver, for the romantic aesthetic.