TONI&GUY’s Nadia Semanic has become something of an expert in conjuring images with her conceptual hair fashion work, and looking at her newest material (the alluring The Enchanting collection), we’re flooded with scenes of dark fairy tales.

The rapidly rising Avant Garde hairdresser used techniques usually reserved for handcrafted fashion design, translating these techniques to her chosen fabric – hair. Nadia brought skills such as embossing and embroidery to the collection, telling artistic stories rooted in nature and literature.

“The level of detail in the world of fashion is becoming more and more mind blowing. It is more intricate, more complex and for me signifies a societal shift to demand personalised bespoke pieces,” Nadia said, adding that these techniques and their use in major fashion houses such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Christopher Kane provided her inspiration. Nadia’s images were also visually motivated by Fungi, of all things, with decay, mildew and toadstools providing artistic inspiration.

As such, a vivid colour palette consisting of more subdued olive and rust tones, to more striking cobalt and violet hues, was used to bring these images to life. Textures ranged from fragile to coarse, ensuring a tactile experience for the viewer, while the models impersonated elf-like creatures, completing the narrative more fully. Lastly, the photographic style emulated surrealist painter Rembrandt, using light and shadow to draw the viewer in.


Hair: Nadia Semanic
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Make Up: Kylie O’Toole
Styling: Emma Cotterill
Salon: TONI&GUY Georges

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