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The Ingenue Collection

Scott Sloan of Sloans of Lane Cove has attempted to capture that equivocal quality known in French as Je Ne Sais Quoi in The Ingénue collection. Alluring, intriguing and utterly ambiguous, Scott has drawn on elements of this character’s contradictions – the chic fashion choices that are still pared back, the effortless but perfectly stylised aesthetic that sums up Parisian glamour.

Inspired by high fashion luxe in the fabric choices and myriad of textures utilised, the collection draws directly from recent Moschino, Gucci and Prada campaigns. The images have then been infused with a vintage sepia tone to add a rich quality.

While the makeup presents the simplicity of these stylish looks – think bare skin, nude lips and subtly smokey eyes, the complexity is in the photographic composition. Mirror images capture the multiple personalities of this character within a single frame. For example, one image features both a blonde and brunette counterpart, and another look shows off cropped and voluminous sides of the same coin.

Every element of the collection has been purposefully constructed to paint the picture of this girl – from loose, tumbling curls worn over the face as a protective mask to keep others at a distance, to playful features that give her the vibe of being the life of the party. The character is a blur – constantly whirring from one party to another but never truly present, uncatchable but somehow captured in this collection.


Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Hair: Scott Sloan
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Fashion Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders

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