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The Major Hair Trends at the 2017 Emmys

On a night made to honour the best of TV, a myriad of Hollywood’s biggest stars took to the red carpet at the Emmys to dictate what hair trends your clients will love. Each wearing individually glamorous looks delineated into major categories, primarily, wet hair, slicked back looks, centre-parts and natural texture, these trends dominated the awards ceremony, and were the looks to remember after the night was done.

Yara Shahidi

The wet look was the overwhelming trend on the night, with celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Tessa Thompson, Millie Bobby Brown, Kiernan Shipka, Anna Chlumsky and more opting for the wet look at varying degrees, with curls, upstyles and straight looks all defined by the sleek, shiny texture.

Anna Chlumsky

On the opposite end of the spectrum, natural curls abounded, as seen in Gabriella Union’s “power pony look”, comprised of a wet texture at the top and natural cascading curls through the ends. Uzo Aduba built on this trend by rocking a full afro on the red carpet in one of the highlight looks of the night.

Gabriella Union

More subtly, the classic slicked back look continued to trend on the red carpet (Regina King and Laverne Cox took slicked back to its most extreme) and statement centre parts provided another beautiful staple, showed off by stars such as Madeline Brewer and Lea Michele.

Madeline Brewer

In a night of simple glamour with various hair highlights walking the red carpet, there were so many small trends for your clients to request and salons to incorporate into their styling. Keep an eye out for the major trends as the awards season goes on.

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