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The Minimalist Sneak Peek

A stunning set of collection images are being prepped for exclusive publication in INSTYLE March April, but we have a sneak peek and a video for you now to start the hype.

Sophia_Polished Wave

Engineered by leading stylist Lauren McCowan for Cloud Nine, The Minimalist is an expression of the modern woman in every stylistic permutation. A muted palette of white, grey and black sets the stage for the masterful creation of contemporary hair – the perfect mix of salon-friendly and high fashion.

While you’ll have to wait until March for these shots to be unveiled, this video encapsulates the same themes in another medium. Said to be an exploration of a modern, sophisticated woman through a modern man’s eyes, this video builds an image of the Cloud Nine Girl as strong and passionate. With an original score written for the film overlaid by a Jeff Buckley poem, her journey is told and love of art, music and the environment around her, explored.

Sophia_All the Sleek

Set with the incomparable backdrop of New York City and shot entirely in black and white, the film provides a momentary glance at the Cloud Nine woman – just enough to inspire the viewers to attain that same sense of intrigue and aspiration.

Watch the video below:


Filming and Editing: Jessie English and Eric Feigenbaum

Creative Direction: Lauren McCowan for Cloud Nine and Haircare Australia

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