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The Strangest Hair Trends of 2015

We’ve now reached the final month of the year, a good time to reflect on the weird, wonderful and wacky hair trends that have invaded the public consciousness in the past eleven months. There’s been no shortage of strange this year, as the viral tendencies of Instagram, celebrity influence and an increasing penchant for the obscure have combined to make hair in 2015 more creative than ever.

These trends stood out in particular for their eccentricity.

1. Glitter Beards

Possibly the most bizarre trend of the year is also one of the most recent. Glitter Beards is literally exactly what it sounds like – with men around Instagram making their facial hair impressively sparkly in anticipation  for the holiday season. The trend debuted on YouTube and is now a hit on Instagram, becoming a pretty precise depiction of the crossroad between metrosexuality, hipster culture and Christmas – a fusion we were never really sure we wanted to see but are now kind of glad we have.


@thegaybeards on Instagram

While we’re at it, men have spent this year decorating their beards with everything from flowers to Christmas baubles, and the merman hair trend has meant all male hair (facial hair included) has been given the bright colour treatment. What a time to be alive.


2. Fire Hair

Ok, it’s not actually called ‘fire hair’ (velaterapia is the official name), but remember in July when consumers around the world started wanting to set their hair alight? You can blame Brazilian supermodels Alessandra Ambrosia and Barbara Fialho for taking this South American technique of curing split ends global by sharing it to their many social media followers.


The process involves dividing and twisting the hair into small sections before, you guessed it, setting it on fire, cauterising the hair in order to create a passage of nutrients to its interior and stop split ends in their track. We opted to risk the split ends rather than risking putting our face next to an open flame.

3. Clip-On Man Buns

In 2015 we fell down the rabbit hole a little bit with our man bun obsession (hey, guilty as charged), and accidentally paved the way for the monstrosity known as the clip-on man bun. The clip-on man bun is, again, literally exactly what it sounds like, a hair accessory that comes in either blonde, black or brown (the three definitive hair tones), and which has apparently been purchased over 10 000 times on Groupon! And before you ask, no, this was after both April Fool’s Day and Halloween. Yep, we’re rethinking our man bun fixation a little bit now too.


Notable Mentions

For some reason September saw China overcome with a fondness for bean sprout hair, a collection of bean sprout hair clips that made heads of hair look remarkably like an unorthodox garden (because flowers are too mainstream).


Image via

The iconic heart shape also became the erstwhile hair figure of choice, with people around the world styling their tresses into the shape of a heart after Kendall Jenner’s famous heart-hair image became the most liked picture on Instagram. On social media or for more of an everyday look, this trend was big news circa July.


Much like how it’s impossible to get actual glitter out of anything, the spectre of glitter as a trend has refused to subside with glitter roots also a major end of year feature (I mean it’s pretty, but this comprehensive glitter fascination is starting to become a little bizarre). And just how Smash Mouth once promised that ‘all that glitters is gold’, gold leaf hair became the next runway-driven salon trend.


It’s been a year of the truly perplexing, but it’s kept us on our toes. We say – keep it coming. To more weird and wacky hair trends in 2016!

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