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The Top 5 Reasons Clients Cheat

Shortcuts hit the streets of New York to discover why real people cheat on their hairdresser – and discovered that communication issues are the single biggest relationship killer for your clients. See it for yourself in the video below.


View their video below and take in their top tips to ensure you never suffer this same fate.

1. They don’t feel listened to

Feeling like you haven’t listened is the number one factor that drives clients away. It should be a pretty easy fix: if they ask for a centimetre off, don’t take an inch – even if their split ends are driving you crazy! If you really need to be ruthless, explain why and make sure they feel comfortable before you go in for the chop.

2. Your prices fluctuate

Do you sometimes sneak in a cheeky discount for your favourite clients? Or add on a treatment without telling them it will cost a bit extra? Being inconsistent with your pricing is a huge no-no – your clients want to know exactly how much they’re up for. Tell them upfront if their visit will cost more than last time – and if you’re rewarding them with a freebie, they’ll be stoked to know!

3. They can’t book online

Your clients are busy people – they expect to be able to book the moment it strikes their fancy, without having to pick up the phone. This makes online booking an absolute must-have – unless you fancy taking calls from clients at 10pm when your time-poor clients finally get some downtime.

4. You forget to stay in touch

It’s easy to make the mistake of forgetting to tell clients how much you care. It’s important to make sure they feel the love between visits – try sending out regular e-newsletters, offering the latest news, styling advice and inspiration. This is also a subtle way to remind them it could be time for their next visit – and entice them back for more.

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5. You don’t ask for feedback

Even the most honest clients can find it a little confronting to give you feedback to your face, so why not ask for their thoughts immediately after their visit, via an automated email? You’ll get a better understanding of what they’re loving about your salon – and what could be driving them away. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to win them back before they think of leaving you.

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