Making some gains of the business kind on the Gold Coast became a priority for more than 380 Goldwell salon owners and their staff at the Royal Pines Resort on May 7 and 8, writes Cameron Pine.

It’s hard to define what MBE really stands for unless you experience it for yourself. Unlike any other business conference, Goldwell prides themselves on a program that doesn’t just touch the hearts and minds of salon owners, but everyone in the salon business. More business, more education and a marvelous approach to a very special industry is one way the popular program can be defined – an experience that lasts far longer from both a business and a personal sense. Marking 21 years – it was an anniversary of impressive proportions and one that makes a difference between a salon brand that’s highly engaged with its customers, and one that’s not.

HairPort1 Salon Team at Goldwell MBE

Gaining skills and strategies to run your business better is always a priority for salon owners, but sharing these with your team and empowering them to feel part of your journey is a continual challenge – something that Goldwell has well addressed through MBE. Bringing together both owners and staff for two intense days of education and entertainment leaves a legacy on the industry long after the conference is over and a network of friendships that stand the test of time.

Following on from the stellar feedback from him hosting 2015, Andrew Daddo was back again this year – connecting the dots for the business masters, the business of hair and the business of being a better person and well relating everything back to a connection with the audience.

Host Andrew Daddo

Addressing attendees to open the conference, Goldwell Managing Director Justin Anderson urged everyone to, “Find your message in each speaker. It might be a little message but jot it down and explore a little deeper just how much you can get out of it. You will accept what you allow yourself to accept. Embracing change is such a powerful thing in today’s world,” Justin said.

Themed around some of the world’s leading speakers that each in a different way touched on compelling reasons to stay loyal – it was fitting for a 21 years celebration for the MBE brand.

Justin Anderson

Flying all the way from Canada, Geno Stampora was back at MBE after speaking at one of the brand’s  international conferences in Las Vegas five years ago. Having consulted with many haircare and beauty manufacturers, Geno has empowered artists and sales people across the globe with his unique approach.

Guaranteeing guests and users of his books and programs a better quality of life, Geno shares a recipe and formula for a winning attitude in a highly entertaining way.

“If you build a great personal relationship with a customer, you don’t need to worry about any of it. A customer doesn’t really know great work. If you are really nice you’ll be great but if you are nice and talented you will forge a great career,” Geno said.

“I believe the most important thing you can leave with after this weekend is to give 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time. That’s what separates us from most people that are only willing to do whatever it takes. Selling is nothing more than a transfer of belief and passion – we are not passionate every day because everything gets old,” he said.

Geno Stampora

Imploring the audience with belief, the notion to change your reaction, to better influence your level of success, indeed all that’s required are the right words and the right attitude. As Geno admits – he was “nothing but a shady high school dropout – I wish my mum could be here on stage to see how I drive hunger for a better life.”

Physical fitness and mental attitude are strongly linked to success so who better than Commando Steve (Steve Willis), “Every day is a daily renewable contract – can you play the role of observer of yourself. It’s important to create space for yourself – being mindful and committed to who you are as a person.”

Followed onstage by his partner Michelle Bridges – the transformative fitness mentor that needs no introduction – labelled with her 12 week body transformation program and for her role alongside Steve as the trainer of ‘The Biggest Loser’ TV series, Michelle spoke of consistency and the simple question we need to ask ourselves, “What do you really want? And what action will you take to make this happen? You have to have both feet firmly planted in the ‘I am going to do this’ camp.”

Steve Willis and Michelle Bridges with Andrew Daddo

“Clear the decks, say no to stuff. I don’t believe in work/life balance, I don’t know that anyone has balance,” she said.

Speaking of balance, the business content was broken up with a bit of creative input from Shane Bennett – creating hair from the new DualSenses and Stylesign ranges, he presented three models to the audience. Also responsible for the new Goldwell StyleSign and DualSenses imagery, Shane affirmed why he is a top Goldwell Creative Artist.

Lighting up the scene for the end of day one, Arj Barker (Arjan Singh) is a celebrated comedian that starting his career in 1989 after graduating from High School – moving onto television and appearing on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. His success in Australia has escalated since 2000 since appearing at the Melbourne international Comedy festival, Arj entertained the audience by giving hairdressers funny perspective of looking at themselves with entertaining anecdotes.

Arj Barker

A favourite of the MBE platform, Chris Helder has a way with words and an energy on-stage that is second to none. He is one of the world’s most outstanding speakers on communication, leadership and influence and has bestselling books, The Ultimate Power of Influence and Useful Belief.

“Useful belief is much better than positive thinking – positive thinking doesn’t work. The truth doesn’t really matter, we create our own truth and a lot of people have put truths in our head,” Chris said.

“7 per cent of our communication is words, 38 per cent the tone in which we speak, 55 per cent body language – go to a pub and watch guys at the bar and how much they match. People mirror each other. Work-life balance is a myth. It’s all life,” he said.

Undoubtedly a favourite speaker he empowered the audience see that energy is a decision and you can have as much as you decide. Personality colours and how we behave is a constantly fascinating topic for any audience. “The most important words are those you say to yourself, about yourself, when you are by yourself.” A collective community in the room was driven by this belief that through so much change, we are more powerful than we sometimes understand.

Social media is something we cannot run or hide from and Jordana Borenstajn is a social media trainer, humourist and creative consultant – not just training on social media strategy but how to create interesting and engaging content – she packaged up an entertaining and informative session for MBE members.

“Creativity is more important than ever before. More people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. There are more people on facebook than the population of America,” Jordana said.

“There are four key ingredients for social media; imagination, passion, character and courage. Sell your brand story with a consistent voice.” She said.

She also has a book ‘Capture my attention’ – how to standout online with creative content.

Ending the day with a strong sense of emotion and humanity is one of the best ways to really absorb the key take-aways from an intensive two days of information – feeling something on a deeper level is important when really understanding what you want to achieve. There was nobody better for this job than Sebastian Thierry – one of the most interesting men you’ll ever meet. He enables people to achieve their dreams and I’m not just talking about a bucket list. He has conquered some of the most interesting and selfless tasks that have connected him with people from all over the world. “Why do we wait for darker moments in our life to make a great light moment. We shouldn’t leave it until death to consider our own version of happiness,” he said.

“We all want help and many of us have a desire to help. Knowing what’s on your list has the potential to change your life.” Witnessing emotional examples of people’s lives he’s touch, Sebastian’s barefoot presentation left everyone engaged for growth.

The real take away from MBE is hard to grasp – different for everyone but with a common theme and that’s to improve on the best and do better than you did yesterday, Goldwell’s commitment to their network is palpable.

“The energy in the room throughout the event was fantastic and the feedback since has shown that salons already have new action plans being set by their owners and their teams,” Justin said.

While experts can teach and show us what to do and how to do it, the real message comes in self-belief and how we can touch others while doing something that means something to us.

Creating a platform in the industry for hairdressers to get together and share these beliefs, laughter and maybe even a few tears is a recipe for a happy life. You really have to be involved in MBE to understand the transformative power that almost 400 people have just witnessed.

Whether you are looking to bust the average percentage of salon retail sales of 8-10 per cent and make it 20 per cent or just looking for that one reason to grow and be better than last year, MBE 21 years was your golden ticket.

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