The fashion year kicks off early each January with London Fashion Week Men’s leading the way, showcasing aspirational styles for all gents (and sometimes ladies, no matter what the name suggests) from some of the globe’s biggest fashion brands and hair stylists.

Fudge Professional for Christopher Raeburn

As always, Fudge Professional were front and centre, styling backstage on seven shows, namely Topman, Katie Eary, Christopher Raeburn, Phoebe English, Cottweiler, Berthold and Kiko Kostadinov, presenting a range of looks for both genders. Lead stylists Cyndia Harvey and Matt Mulhall took the reins across the shows.

Fudge Professional for Katie Eary

We’re driving you into editorial mode by demonstrating some of our favourite looks from the fashion week below.

Fudge Professional for Katie Eary

For Katie Eary the runway climate was strictly ‘seventies sex scene’ and that aesthetic was made clear on both male and female models. For the men – bed hair achieved after long days of partying, obviously, and for the women, ultra glam, plenty of volume and a veil of hair that modernised the look.

Fudge Professional for Katie Eary

For Christopher Raeburn the hair played on the tension between the deconstruction and reconstruction in the collection, expressing this in a strong military look at the front with a textured finish towards the back. A cool new disconnect for your clients that want disparity without having to re-do the mullet – best yet, it works for both genders!

Fudge Professional for Christopher Raeburn

For Topman, a punk style fused with the aesthetic of working class dock workers reigned supreme. The brief called for raw lived-in hair with a natural shine and a loose malleable texture with jagged edges, all the parts of which created a unique, varied look overall.

Fudge Professional for Topman

Get the look – Christopher Raeburn:

Fudge Professional for Christopher Raeburn

1. Apply Fudge Professional Tri-Blo into hair all over top sections and blow-dry back off the face
2. Mix half Fudge Professional Hair Gum and half Fudge Professional Matte Hed Extra together and apply to roots using fingers section by section from the front and sides towards the crown
3. Using a comb, brush the sides of hair up and over to construct a military shape. Then use a tail comb to create a triangle quiff at the front
4. Apply Fudge Professional Salt Spray to the back of the head and scrunch in to create a dishevelled texture. Blow dry with sock diffuser to set

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