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The Wrap: ghd Education Day

The stylish offices of Maxmedialab were the perfect hideaway for ghd educators from across the country and as far as New Zealand to come together for a day of knowledge and networking, before a fittingly festive lunch at Sydney’s Alpha Restaurant, writes Cameron Pine.

Arming the industry with some of the hottest and most diverse stylists available, ghd’s new talent gathering made for a premium day of knowledge and enlightenment, delving into the depths of ghd’s stellar research and development, innovations and most importantly, the often misunderstood leading technologies behind each of their electrical products.

Celebrating their relationship with ghd that will continue to unfurl throughout the year, the highly talented pool of top stars includes Mia Devries, Marie Uva, Richard Kavanagh, Mary Alamine Michael Sisaengrath, John Scott, Pauline McCabe, Dany Pato and Uros Mikic. And we can’t forget Jayne Wild – who wasn’t there on the day but still remains as ghd’s most heartfelt ambassador.

Back row: Michael Sisaengrath, John Scott, Pauline McCabe, Dany Pato, Uros Mikic Front row: Mia Devries, Marie Uva, Richard Kavanagh, Mary Alamine

At the same time as getting to know each other a little more, the team also consisted of a non-hairdresser guest – John Scott from Platform Me, one of Sydney’s first social media influencer agencies. John will unleash his influence on artists and salons throughout the year to further leverage this premium talent pool.

The comprehensive program that offers something for every single salon or stylist will also embody live streaming for 2017 – taking top education to the masses, no matter where they are.

“Education is what brings life to this industry and sometimes it can be a little academic but the objective of ghd is to bring and raise all skills. Today is really about coming together and celebrating what you bring to the vibe of ghd,” said ghd Managing Director Ludovic Dellazzeri.

“With ghd there are some awesome techniques but it’s not just about the techniques – it’s about the creativity and what I love about this brand is that there are no real boundaries to it. It’s a very casual day – very much the way ghd is,” Ludovic said.

ghd National Education Manager Robert Kovacs spoke of the culture that unites the company and the ability to work with such a rage of talents that have been handpicked, each for their varying level of skills.

“This is the first time we’ve had a whole creative team come together so this is very unique for the brand. You collectively are the strength, the connection, the icons and you understand what the brand needs to share and inspire other hairdressers with,” Robert said.

Robert went around the room and discussed some of the various unique qualities each of the team have, from producing amazing images in their own salon windows to curl queens, men’s and beyond. As Marie Uva said, “The curve in an extension of my arm,” – her salon has become synonymous with envy creating waves and colour and her objective is to make everyone else’s salon just that.

Richard Kavanagh – the company’s Creative Director is excited to begin a full year with ghd – being appointed to the role late in 2016, his global appeal and masterous editorial skills will be pushed to the limits. Richard will put forward two seminar components; session styling and how to translate this to clients as well as a photoshoot seminar.

Uros from Kinky Curly straight is new to the ghd family – and will share styling tips and tricks including men’s styling with more specific men’s focused seminars.

Michael and Danny from D&M Salon in New Zealand are a wonder team and will share their lightness of touch and style authority in a series of seminars.

Nicknamed the ‘braid girl’ Mary Alamine is really excited to present ghd’s first braid seminar. “I’ve worked with ghd for so many years Robert couldn’t get rid of me. I kept calling to be a part of the team, I’ve been backstage with ghd from my early days of hairdressing,” Mary said jokingly.

With a strong Scottish accent, Pauline McCabe has worked at the ghd Academy in London – with a background in education, she does a lot of editorial work in WA.

Mia Devries has garnered a highly successful regional business – The Fox and the Hare, with a huge presence on social media, Mia is particularly excited to help other hairdressers solve everyday hair problems on clients in the salon.

“You can see by the diversity of the group that you are all bringing something really different to the program – all very invaluable to the customer and to promote our product,” Robert Kovacs said.

From vivid editorial to retail prowess – the ghd journey has been designed from stylist to the consumers bathroom at home – retail is often an area where ghd salons need to further maximize their influence.

Abby McDonald – marketing and communications executive for the brand took artists on a trip down memory lane from the initial launch of ghd in Australia in 2002 with its bold religion for hair statements through an evolution of innovation, stylists were so excited to have a tool they could exclusively call their own. With the responsibility to ensure ghd is at top of mind for both stylists and consumers, “Today is about sharing the true ghd story with all of you,” Abby said.

“We’ve come a long way since then with a launch into brushes in 2011, the air in 2012, the aura and curve in 2014 and the best in innovation with the platinum in 2015. We want women to have the confidence that a good hair day brings, supported by the fact that we were the number one brand in 2015 for editorial coverage online.”

Over 75 per cent of stylists recommend ghd daily – in 65,000 salons globally. “It’s the insight and the way we talk about our brand that really makes us stand out from the competition. We help women control their hair and live their lives fabulously,” Abby said.

“The ghd woman is sophisticated, she lives life to the fullest – she’s feisty, playful, glamorous – breaking the rules and doing things her way. We have evolved our look and feel to embody authentic beauty. A ghd and a kit is all I need to create any style is a common statement used by ghd’s UK Artistic guru Adam Reed.”

In 2009, ghd opened their research facility – a commitment to retaining a leadership status, innovation is at the forefront of what they do. Dr Tim Moore – ghd’s chief technology officer is very passionate about hair and always has the professional at heart with his design leadership. In conjunction with the single-minded mission, all products are made in a closed factory – free from the manufacture of other brand irons and electricals. They still remain the only styler manufacturer on the market with multiple temperature sensors.

From superior performance to seductive design and as one of the only companies who doesn’t pick product from a shelf and designs everything in the ‘ghd vein’ from chip to cardboard box, they continue to be a leader in various global markets.

Ludovic assures, “We will continue to tell this story until everyone knows about the innovation and story behind ghd. We encourage feedback from stylists – anything is possible it’s just a matter of what ideas we can develop with our partners and engineers.”

You never know – a cordless hairdryer might be here sooner than you think!

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