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These Salons Have Employment Opportunities

When we reported last week that the Evolve Salons chain had gone under, the hairdressing industry responded in emphatic fashion. And we would have expected nothing less.


Reacting to news that now roughly 300 hairdressers are out of work after 50 of the chain’s 53 establishments had closed down, with hardly a warning given to the hairdressers, salons around the country responded to us via email or on our Facebook page saying that they were seeking employees or had chairs to rent.

Both country and city salons ranging across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and beyond put out the call, with high profile establishments such as Heading Out Hair and Beauty, Rokk Ebony and Prema part of the mass response.

This reaction proves two things definitively: the wealth of opportunity that still exists in the hairdressing industry and the industry’s sense of kindness and camaraderie that was so apparent in this instinctive response from the industry at large.

To view the responses for yourself, and find out who is hiring near you, head to our Facebook page, where the post in question has been pinned to the top, and if you’re a salon looking to throw your hat in the job searching ring, feel free to add to the comments. Hopefully each stylist and salon will find their ideal match.

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