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This $94 Million Supersonic Hairdryer Could Be Coming To Australia

They’re known in the appliance world for reinventing the vacuum cleaner, and now appliance conglomerate Dyson has embarked on engineering the future of hairdryers. Utilising 103 engineers, creating 600 prototypes, involving more than 100 patents and for some reason using more than 1625km of human hair, the $94 million, four year project was a mammoth task.


The engineering process, during which Dyson built their own Hair Laboratory for maximum efficiency, was used to decipher what can currently be developed from the existing hairdryer mould. The new design, named the Dyson Supersonic, has a different shape than current hairdryers, and includes a bright purple barrel, no visible blades, a ‘high velocity’ air jet and no audible noise. With these features, the hairdryer is meant to reduce problems of noise, weight and hair damage that can exist in today’s tools.

Sir James Dyson, the company’s founder, unveiled the new product at an appliance retail event in Tokyo this week, explaining more about the technology used. The tool utilises the same Air Multiplier technology as in Dyson’s bladeless fans, which are said to draw in triple the amount of air as a standard hairdryer. The tool also has a motor impeller with thirteen blades that make the sound of the tool inaudible for humans. Lastly, it employs a glass beat thermistor to measure the tool’s heat twenty times a second, then using a computer chip to control the heating and prevent hair damage.

The Dyson Supersonic will now be sold in Britain to the tune of the equivalent of $A571, and will be making its way Down Under at an as yet unknown date. Would you use this new supersonic tool in your salon?

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