As the salon industry – like many industries around it – faces the challenge that is 2020, new concepts are taking shape and flourishing to meet these tough times head on. Co-working salon spaces, like Melbourne space House Of Terre A Mer, could provide solutions to the problems of various hairdressers fighting to make a living during the pandemic with fewer overhead costs.

The thriving salon community offers hairdressers the chance to grow their business and focus on their craft. House Of Terre A Mer hosts hair, beauty and wellness spaces that maintain a quality environment with a different business model.

The system works by hairdressers and salon business owners selecting a space that fits their needs, agreeing to the terms, becoming a member of the space, booking the space on a flat hourly, daily or monthly rate, bringing clients in and operating the business from there. The benefits include no stress around property management, no fit out costs, no commissions, no utilities and total transparency around the process.

The model allows the right, financially savvy solution for certain hairdressers, a stress-free option, a professional space and the value of a growing, inspiring community of like-minded hair, beauty and wellness professionals.

For hairdressers looking for a space, salon owners looking for a more affordable, temporary working solution and so much more, House Of Terre A Mer offers a valuable new concept now and always.

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