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This Hair, Beauty and Fashion Masterclass Is Coming Soon

La Biosthetique has put together a heavyweight line-up for their upcoming masterclass, congregating experts in hair, beauty and fashion to create two full beauty makeovers on live models during the session. Hairstylists and makeup artists of all levels are encouraged to attend to elevate their skillset, and maybe learn some crossover skills that will help them in their next appointment.


So who makes up the agenda? First, 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Award (AHFA) finalist for Session Stylist of the year Mandy Kingsman will contribute her hairstyling skills. In the session she will focus on creating editorial hair specifically, particularly in terms of texture and movement. Selecting the ideal cut to make hair look fuller and thicker and styling glamorous hair that will pop in selfies and on social media (yes, we’re serious) will also be hot topics.


Styling by Lydia Jane Saunders

La Biosthetique’s Alexander Fuchs, who is also a 2016 AHFA finalist (we’re sensing a bit of a theme here) in the category of NSW Hairdresser of the Year, will take to the stage to discuss colour. Celebrity hair colour, how to fade and melt shades together and combine these shades with baby lights will all be demonstrated. Alexander will also showcase how to easily add hair extensions to the look to quickly and efficiently complement the existing cut, colour and styling.


Hair by Alexander Fuchs

In makeup, 2016 AHFA finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year (ok, definitely a theme) Chereine Waddell will teach face sculpting, concealing, brightening, contouring and smoky eyes. Students will also learn more about brushwork, for example how to hold and manoeuvre makeup brushes to achieve the perfect look. Editorial fashion stylist Lydia Jane Saunders will finish up the session by completing the looks with chic outfits, and will then share her secrets about style, including what is currently fashionable, how to mix and match items and how to accessorise.


Makeup by Chereine Waddell

The session will take place on March 21st from 1 to 5pm at the La Biosthetique Academie in Waterloo. Attendees will take home over $100 worth of La Biosthetique products, included in the price of the ticket.


Hair by Mandy Kingsman

Hair, makeup, fashion – if you want to become well-rounded in your skills, you know where to do it.

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