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This Is The Colour Trend You Create With Popsicle Sticks

Remember tie-dye hair (and if you don’t here’s a link to remind you), which made the Internet rounds about six months ago? Well, its equally-cool colour trend cousin is here as the big thing in colour. The Shibori Hair trend strives for a similar tie-dye aesthetic, but uses popsicle sticks (yes, you read right) to achieve different and innovative patterns.


@untamedinstinct on Instagram

The trend was created by Hollywood colourist Tanya Ramirez, known for her penchant for bright hair hues, and disseminated on Instagram and YouTube. Based on the Japanese art of Shibori, which uses different folding, twisting, binding and compressing methods to create tie dye-esque patterns on fabric, the trend uses the same principles to uniquely colour hair.


In her video tutorial (which you can watch below), Tanya works with a model with aqua hair, wrapping popsicle sticks soaked in dark blue colour against the hair in fabric, folded into triangular shapes. She then clips them in and applies this technique to the rest of the hair, creating the bold multi-faceted patterns.

Presumably as successful with other colour combinations that pair darker patterns over a light base, Shibori Hair is the perfect trend for any colourist looking to stretch their creativity, and any client willing to be brave in the name of a new and dynamic trend.

Now to source the requisite number of popsicle sticks…

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