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This New Confetti Hair Trend Is Ideal for New Years

It’s no secret that we’ve all gone a little glitter crazy with our hair trends this year – glitter roots, glitter beards and even glitter armpit hair (I know, say it ain’t so) have all become a ‘thing’ as of 2015. This latest trend draws upon that festive energy with a new, equally sparkly and somehow even less subtle material – meet Confetti Hair.


@maneaddicts on Instagram

The trend was pioneered by British designer Ashish Gupta in September, where models in his London Fashion Week show had confetti in their hair and across their eyelids for a very shiny and playful show (so playful that models rode skateboards down the runway).

The Ashish show at LFW

Now, with a major spike in Instagram appearances, the trend looks set to make the jump from the runway world to the party scene, just in time for New Year’s Eve. The look simply entails spraying the hair with hairspray before letting loose with diverse pieces of confetti.


@alipirzadeh on Instagram

Social media and runway trends typically have the majority of the confetti placed on top of the head, while the rest is sprinkled throughout the hair in an ombré-esque effect, leaving the ends bare. However, as with all internet trends, feel free to make it your own.

A major drawcard of the Confetti Hair trend, is that as opposed to glitter, it’s temporary, and won’t stay glued to you or your clients’ tresses until you rue the day you ever thought it was a good idea to follow the trend. This means you can make your clients’ hair sparkly for a special occasion (say, the holidays) and they can wash it right out afterwards.

The Ashish show at LFW

Usually we would suggest that this trend is best left to the studio or catwalk, but at such a festive time, you may very well take it to the chair.

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