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This New Platform Leads Clients To Your Salon

We’re certain you know the feeling of craving a particular cuisine quite well. And, if you’re familiar with that feeling of not being able to go even one more minute without ice cream (us – all the time), you’ll have had the experience of bringing up an online delivery service on your smart phone to have the exact food you’re searching for delivered straight to your door.

Matt Dyer knows that experience well too, building it, in 2010 into a delivery site named Eat Now, which merged with delivery conglomerate Menu Log in 2015 and which Matt sold fully last year. With his background as a Software Developer, a space to envision new ideas and a business ideology built on giving consumers what they want with optimal convenience, Matt’s next venture is based on that consumer need for a particular type of massage, beauty appointment or hair service. That’s where you come in.

Bookwell is made for hair, beauty and wellness salons, but as Matt says, “we’re more open than not”, at the current time. New to the market (the site only launched in April), Bookwell is focusing on building their database to a point where it’s of value to consumers, before launching it fully to the public. It currently has around 150 salons in its database, and you could add your name to the list.


The site is free to sign up for, and is monetised by taking a 20 per cent commission on every booking. Its point of difference, aside from Matt’s incomparable software experience, is in its customer service.

“We have sales people, so if [salons] get into contact with us, we’ll get back to them, get the details we need, and then we go see them personally and give them training on the calendar software, make sure they’re all set up and happy to get going,” Matt shared. Consumers are able to choose between salons offering what they need in their areas, by searching for what they want and then comparing salon photos and profiles.


Another important facet is that exact search function. Where consumers would readily search for anything from burgers to fish and chips on Eat Now, Bookwell allows the consumers to search for increasingly specific beauty services across skincare, haircare, makeup and more. Think eyebrow trimming, beard trimming, up styles, nail art, every type of massage, children’s haircuts, braids, eye treatments and something called Gua Sha, which is apparently an ancient Chinese medical treatment. All in all, well over 100 categories can be searched for – if you have a unique service to entice consumers, this is where they’ll find you.


“If a consumer is looking for something specific, a massage or a certain type of massage that’s not that common, they can find that specific service and get it done,” Matt explained.

While the site is currently localised to Melbourne and Sydney, there are plans to make it national in the near future. Other big things are ahead, such as a mobile app and digital marketing strategies, but the very next step involves you. Add your salon to the interface before this platform becomes a household name for consumers, and get in on this Australian business while it’s on the ground floor.

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