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This New Technique Involves Colouring Hair With Glass

We’ve given you no shortage of ideas when it comes to creative colours trends – now we’re addressing how to create the trends quicker and more seamlessly than before. The answer – glass. Who would’ve guessed?


@chialamarvici on Instagram. Sourced from Cosmpolitan

With rainbow hair and multidimensional colour trends taking on a life of their own online, it was only a matter of time before techniques and processes caught up. This glass technique, also called hand-pressed colour, is the new frontier, created by Redken colourist Chiala Marvici. Chiala describes the idea like screen printing, a clever alternative to foils or balyage.

“You create a design with different patterns like circles, diagonals, and swirls onto a 6-inch-wide (15 centimetres) sheet of the hardest version of plexiglass — other thicknesses are too flimsy — with different shades of colour, and then you place the section of hair flat onto the glass, which transfers the design from the plexiglass onto the underside of your hair,” she explained to Us Cosmopolitan. “Then, you use a 6-inch-long putty knife and then press the hair into the pattern to saturate the top side of the hair as the colour seeps through your strands.”

Chiala goes on to explain that after this painting process she begins the processing time, which can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, creating a variety in the intensity of the shades. “I’ve been working on this technique for a long time and trying to make it simple to be able to teach it to other colourists,” Chiala, who has already been travelling the US to preach her new method, said.

Confused? Watch Chiala demonstrate the technique in this video below.

Do you see this technique making its way to Aussie salons as colourists desperately try to keep up with our Instagram-savvy clients? All you’ll need is a sheet of plexiglass and a sturdy putty knife – standard hairdressing tools, right?

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