We live in a world of instant gratification – press a button and a car, a job opportunity or a tub of ice cream could be at your door. New education initiative Piloroo is bringing this concept to the hair education industry, allowing stylists and salons to hire an educator at will, and offering educators the chance to discover willing audiences.

The platform works to connect salons, agencies and stylists with educators, operating through a smart, streamlined online platform in order to do so. Educators can pick their days, set their price (all of which is prepaid) and advise their locations for an optimal professional experience. Meanwhile salons and agencies can quickly sort through and find the educators that work best for what they need, ensuring they train, retain and attract staff with impressive education opportunities.

The brand’s long list of high-profile educators on board already includes Sharon Blain, Antony Whitaker, Clive Allwright, Lizzie Liros, Mary Alamine and Caterina Di Biase, all of whom can teach a range of important specialty skills, including business intel, long hair styling, colour, cut and the latest trends.

It’s education as you wish, to your door and all facilitated within an easy process online. Otherwise described as education the way the 21st century intended – jump online and see what educative possibilities await.

For more information visit piloroo.com