In some ways Wild Life’s Open Mic night franchise is the education story of the past year, establishing what is now a revered and relevant series that inspires at every turn. Now on its sixth instalment, the series has crossed states, from Sydney to Brisbane, and hosted some of the country’s most famous industry faces, without losing its playful, intimate vibe.


Fresh from their second successful outing in Brisbane on May 4th, Open Mic is back in Sydney, hosting the next event on Monday May 18th. The characteristically stellar line up will consist of Stevie English Hair, é SALON, Brad Ngata and Wild Life Education.

With the success of the Brisbane Event’s streaming on Live ED, an online platform where stylists can watch the event and interact live as if actually there, no matter their location, this event will utilise the same platform. The service is available on an annual subscription model, with tickets then bought as you would for a live event, meaning inspiration is no longer location dependant.

Frank Apostolopoulos at Open Mic Night Brisbane

Taking place at their flagship Milson’s Point Salon, located so close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge it’s almost under it, the next event promises to be another evening of creativity and insight. Compered by crowd-favourite Gary Latham, each presenter will deliver an artistic showcase and then sit down for a question and answer panel, directly addressing the audience in discussing their career highlights, lowlights, motivations and so much more.


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