If you’ve long forgotten about the pre-teen version of yourself buying a white t-shirt, some elastic bands and some dye in the endeavour to create your own tie-dye work of art (we’ve all been there), those skills are now going to come in handy.


The newest hair trend tasks you to channel your inner hippie, or former pre-teen self, with the invention of tie-dye hair. Hair colourist Ricky Zito, collaborating with colour brand Pravana, is the man behind the craze, and he’s released a step-by-step video tutorial in case your memory fails you on your former tie-dye days.

The trend involves first bleaching the hair, and then securing 2-4 inch (5–10 centimetre) sections in rubber bands, with more rubber bands tied around the length of each section in 3-4 inch intervals. Ricky then covers the bands with fabric so that the hair underneath each tie stays uncoloured.


Next, Ricky colours the hair in each delineated vertical section with one to two different shades, blending the hues if two colours meet in one section and keeping some horizontal colour consistency throughout the hair. Clients can opt for a full head of tie-dyed hair (and if they do they have our creative respect), or just try out a tie-dyed section with this versatile technique.

Still confused? Here’s the pictorial step-by-step for your reference.


Like all online colour crazes, this is another trend best left to the professionals. If your clients keep up with the Instagram fad of the month, or you just want to try something new and different, you better start collecting those rubber bands…

Pravana are also known as the colour brand behind Sand Art Hair and Colombré. For more information visit www.evolvehairconcepts.com.au